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PO Box 225, WANDONG  3758

For more information contact President: Marilyn Moore PO Box 225 Wandong. Vic. 3758



Meets at Wandong Australiana Restaurant, Broadhurst Lane, Wandong

2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 7pm for 7.30pm



President:   Marilyn Moore

PO Box 225, Wandong, Vic, 3758


This being the last report for the year I have endeavoured to summarise what we have achieved.
It certainly has been a better year than the couple just past. We have increased our membership and
held a number of community events.
Daniel and Peter, being mere teenagers, have boundless energy and are leaving us blokes in our late
teens puffing in their wake .Sam Bedi, also a teenager, has really come on board and is a great asset to
our club. We have a monster raffle running at the moment with lots of prizes thanks to Steve and the
various businesses in our three towns. I would like to thank them all for being so generous. There is a
food hamper trolley set up at IGA Wandong and we will be able to distribute some Christmas cheer to
a number of families.
Steve has been doing up our small trailer. It was sitting in my paddock for quite a while. It is now
amazingly beautiful. We were going to enter it into an art show.
With the markets up and running again Hugh and I have managed to get in and sell cakes and tickets.
Tania is doing a great job as secretary, Hugh is managing the books and so far I have not seen any sign
of house extensions or new cars. Marilyn as president continues to boss us about despite having only
one good arm. Don’t upset the president.
I would like to give an honourable mention to Elizabeth and my daughter Sarah for their help. For
some reason they don’t think that I am capable of doing things properly by myself. I am of course kept
busy running the club and reporting the truth.
Marilyn is getting new teeth. I thought that she had a fearsome bite anyway. What will she be like with
new choppers? I also have to report that on a recent outing she got tipsy on pink gin cocktails. There
were reports of her dancing on the table but I have not been able to confirm that.
Bill has been digging drainage ditches around his shed. He is too old to be doing that. Marie has been
going along behind filling them in.
Tania lost the TV remote. A national disaster. What did she do? She rang Cliff and Dianne who
luckily were back from New Zealand to ask if they knew where it was. It was later found under stuff in
the sitting room.
We now come to Lion of the year awards. The top award goes to Bill Forbes for towing his wheelie
bin, without assistance, from South Mountain Road to Wellington Square shopping centre. A feat that
will probably never be equalled.
Honourable mentions also go to Steve Munro for storing his ice-cream in the microwave and to Hugh
McGowan for presenting his wife with a half-eaten cake for her birthday. Congratulations to both of
This may do for this year. No doubt I will be back with more Lions truth next year.
Meanwhile have a great Christmas and New Year and your fearless reporter will be back again.
Until next time.
Clyde Riley