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Wandong-Heathcote Junction Community Group

P.O.Box 242, Wandong Post Office, Wandong, Vic. 3758         

Phone: 0413 832 411 

7:00pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month (except December).
Wandong Public Hall, Wandong Avenue, Wandong   

The group represents the residents of Wandong - Heathcote Junction, including with all levels of Government, on any issues that effect the township.  Natural gas for Wandong - Heathcote Junction has been a focal objective for many years.  Proper and appropriate development is also a high priority.

The group also undertakes many projects to improve the appearance of Wandong - Heathcote Junction and conducts many working bees that we encourage resident participation.  The group also operates or participates in most events in the town.   

Join the Wandong - Heathcote Junction Community Group now and have a say in the matters that affect our towns. 

The Wandong-Heathcote Junction Community Group (WHJCG) was formed in May 2001 by locals wishing to take an active role in the community regarding the views of residents, to liaise with council and government and by instigating various projects around the towns. The WHJCG is dedicated to improve the appearance of Wandong-Heathcote Junction and to make it the best place to live. The comments of residents who have shown appreciation of our work is most gratifying, however like all volunteer groups we would love to receive more resident participation. Have a say in your community and come along to the next meeting of the WHJCG, held on the third Tuesday of each month at the Australiana restaurant. If you cannot attend meetings but can provide other support then please contact Allen Hall on 0413 832 411.

FUNDRAISING: Sausage Sizzle on the fourth Saturday of each month at the IGA supermarket in Wandong Plaza



The Wandong - Heathcote Junction Community Group (WHJCG) embarked on a project to beautify an unsightly area of land between the Wandong Railway Station and the Epping-Kilmore Road.

The WHJCG obtained a community grant from the  Mitchell Shire Council and together with it's own funds and donations from V/Line, the Wandong-Wallan Lions Club, Whats News, WHJCG Neighbourhood Watch and Robert Gordon Real Estate is turning the area into a small bush and wetlands walk.

The project commenced in December 2005 when the blackberry bushes and weeds were poisoned and cleared.  Heavy machinery then shaped the embankment and formed the pathway. A boardwalk was bridge were constructed to cross the wetlands.

In April and May 2006, three community working bees were held to lay over 840 square metres of biodegradable weedmat and to plant over 1,100 native plants, all indigenous to the area.

The WHJCG has placed a large rock boulder at the station entrance with a plaque to describe the history of the Wandong railway station and the horse drawn tramways to the Mt. Disappointment State Forest.

Bench seating, wooden (red gum) chain sawed sculptures and a large "WANDONG" sign on the Wandong Station embankment have been installed. Two pathway lights have now been installed.


The WHJCG has also completed work to eliminate and prevent graffiti at the Wandong and Heathcote Junction Railway Stations and at Wandong Plaza. This included surface cleaning and painting, provision of sensor lighting behind Wandong PLaza, new platform lighting at Heathcote Junction  station, heavy planting and mulching.

The WHJCG gratefully acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government, Department of  Justice for making this project possible.


In 2008 the WHJCG successfully applied for a grant to collate and publish a book on the history of Wandong - Heathcote Junction.   A committee was been formed and met on the last Wednesday of each month at the Sue Marstaeller Pavilion, Davern Reserve.  The WHJCG gratefully acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government through the Community Support Fund and Public Record Office Victoria for making this project possible.

After three years of research and gathering of photos and information, the book was written by Mr Ron Pickett and on 27th March 2011, the book called "Ghosts, Gold & a White Elephant" was launched at the Australiana Restaurant , Wandong by Mr Robert Mitchell, Federal Member for McEwen. 

The grant also provided for a commemorative rock and plaque to be placed at the Heathcote Junction Railway Station to signify its past history as a branch line to Kilmore, Heathcote and Lancefield.











WHJCG Statement of Purpose



Five Wandong souvenir spoons and five Wandong fridge magnets are now available. WHJCG items now available for purchase at the Wandong Post Office are:

"Ghosts, Gold & A White Elephant"    $50

Wandong History on DVD                  $10

Wandong post cards                          $1.50 or 8 for $10

Wandong car window stickers            $2 inside $1.50 external

Wandong souvenir spoons                 $7 or $30 for set of five

Wandong fridge magnets                   $3.50 or $15 for set of five

The Wandong Community calendar ($5) and the book on Wandong's history "Wandong - Remnants of an Innovative Past" ($20) are also on sale at the Wandong Post Office. The WHJCG sincerely thanks Mrs Lynne Dore for her patience and enormous amount of time involved to produce the book on the terra cotta lumber brick industry. 



The WHJCG has had discussion with Mitchell Shire officers regarding the placement of the exercise equipment along the Say G’Day trail. The WHJCG had always intended that the exercise equipment be positioned along the Say G’Day trail at intervals that offer continuance and as a means of connecting the two towns. We have always wanted some facilities at Heathcote Junction, particularly for youth, and this was supported by Council in the past. We are now waiting Mitchell Shire to provide the compromised plan that was discussed at the last meeting.


The WHJCG has long wished to replace the rotting and unsightly wood sculpture in the Lions Park (adjacent to the Wandong railway station carpark) with something more permanent and presentable. Mitchell Shire has been presented with our preferred replacement and we have asked Mitchell Shire to contribute about half the cost. Mitchell Shire has now advised there is no funding and that we should apply for a grant and seek construction approval from Mitchell Shire after community consultation. If the WHJCG had to go through the red tape that Mitchell Shire throws at us currently, Wandong Heathcote Junction would not be the attractive town we live in now. This project now looks like it is going nowhere thanks to Mitchell Shire.


The mural of Wandong circa 1900 is ready to be installed at the rear of the Wandong Plaza carpark and after five months Mitchell Shire has finally issued the Planning Permit. Now on with the installation.

We thank the Bendigo Bank, ARTC, Wandong Wallan Lions Club for their financial assistance to make this project happen.


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