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Clonbinane Rural Fire Brigade - JULY 2023    

Brigade Activities

Ten Clonbinane brigade members were recently awarded the National Emergency Medal for their work during the Black Summer fires 2019/2022.

The brigade had a big turnout for the Annual General Meeting. Following the elections on the day, there have been several changes to roles and positions in the brigade and the Brigade Management Team.

The brigade members have been busy with fund raising activities with a sausage sizzle at Bunnings, Trackside raffles and marshalling at the Broadford motorcycle track.


2 x structure fire                  1x alarm response                   6 x motor vehicle incidents

Safe Winter Driving

With the brigade attending several motor vehicle incidents last month, it is a timely reminder of the need for safe winter driving. 

Our district roads are particularly dangerous now with wet roads that need repair. Frosty mornings are more likely and cold nights that bring black ice to the roads. There is also plenty of debris that is washed across the roads in places including mud from road works.

Wildlife crossing especially roos, wombats and deer are the hazards of country living and driving; there is   particularly a higher likelihood of a collision with deer as the number of these ferals is greatly increasing. Some of these beasts are huge and with that comes the risk of vehicle right-off and injury. With recent heavy rainfall at times, some roads have potholes. Be wary after heavy rain that mud, and stone may have been washed onto the road from poorly maintained driveways. One section of road that comes to mind and is on the Wandong-Broadford Road between Wandong and Clonbinane Road as well as Spur Road.

Be wary of school bus times. Narrow sections like the Spur Road hill require you to keep hard left. Buses and fire trucks also use the sharp Ryans Road right-angle corner at the top of Waterford Park. Slow down and be prepared to stop to give way to heavy vehicles.

Always allow extra time if you need to get to Wandong to catch a train or if you are dropping the kids off at school. Rushing on our roads is a recipe for disaster, you gain little time by speeding. Drive to the road conditions rather than the specified speed limit. Many of our roads now have reduced speed limits due to increased traffic and heavy vehicle use.

Particularly dangerous locations for wildlife crossing are Saunders Road towards Kilmore and Spur Road between the Sunday Creek and Ryans Road. Not only does hitting a roo or wombat damage your vehicle, but  it also puts you at risk of being seriously injured. Not to mention the suffering the animals receive. The only way to reduce the risk is to reduce your speed in these areas. After sunset, a maximum speed of 60 KPH is  recommended on these roads. A lower speed gives you the stopping distance that you might require. Brake heavily if you are approaching an animal on the road, do not try to swerve as the risk of loss of control has a higher consequence. Also, keep in mind that kangaroos are mob animals, so lookout for the others that follow the first roo that ventures out.

The use of cruise control in wet conditions is dangerous. A particularly dangerous spot is on the Hume Freeway between Clonbinane and Wandong. We receive many reports of cars rolled or off the road because  the car has lost traction whilst the cruise control is engaged in wet or icy conditions. By the time the driver  reacts to deactivate the cruise control or brake, it is too late.

Please contact the brigade if you require any information or check out the CFA website

The brigade normally meets for training each Sunday at 10am at the Ryans Road fire station.

Cheers and drive safely

Tom Snaith   (Captain)