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Wandong History Group


Registered Office: Affleck Street, Wandong, 3758

Telephone: 57871 314

Inaugural office bearers 2012/2013:

President - Karen Christensen

Vice President - David Moran

Secretary - Diana Vidal

Treasurer - Sandra Moran

The Wandong History Group was formed to collate, catalogue and preserve the past history of Wandong and Heathcote Junction for the benefit of future generations.


The Wandong History Group (WHG) evolved when a group of local residents recognised that before it was too late, there was the urgent need to collate, catalogue and preserve the past history of Wandong and Heathcote Junction for the benefit of future generations.  Wandong - Heathcote Junction has a unique and interesting settlement and social history that included one of Victoria's largest timber and seasoning operations. Wandong was a hive of activity during the mid-1880s with tramways, a seasoning works, joinery and terra cotta lumber plant, as well as a coffee palace and boarding house, all built around a privately created subdivision owned by Robert Affleck Robertson.  The Mt. Disappointment area was also home to prisoners of war who worked in forest camps during World War II.  Wandong also laid claim to initiating the first Country Music Festival during the 1970s.  Wandong and Heathcote Junction have many unexplored stories yet to be told

The WHG held its first formal meeting on 26 September 2012 when office bearers were elected and at a subsequent meeting it was unanimously decided to apply to be an Incorporated Group.  The WHG is a not for profit group and any membership fees, donations, fund raising money will be put toward the collation, cataloguing and preserving our history. 
The Wandong History Group has elected to adopt the Model Rules for an Incorporated Association [Associations Incorporation Act 1981]


Membership fees will be set at Annual General Meetings.  Financial members are encouraged to participate in Group activities and in discussion at monthly meetings.


The Wandong History Group initially aims to collate, record and store information on the history of Wandong - Heathcote Junction.  It is intended to meet monthly and all residents interested in the great history of our towns would be most welcome to participate.

The Group will meet regularly and consensus decision making will be adopted.  Regular history presentations will be conducted for the benefit of residents and visitors.

Committee members for 2014- 2015 are:

President:         Karen Christensen
Vice President: David Moran
Secretary:         Di Vidal
Treasurer:         Sandra Moran

Membership fees were set at $10 single and family $15

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This month the Annual General Meeting was held, the previous committee was re-elected to their same positions.

President; Karen Christensen,

Vice President David Moran,

Secretary Di Vidal

Treasurer Sandra Moran

Presidents Report:

There’s really not much to say about this year, it’s been difficult for everyone and I appreciate that, Covid has put a stop to most of our activities, but being the type of group that we are things can still be done despite the restrictions.

The highlights of this year were being able to apply for the church grant again and as we near the announcement time expected in October, I am feeling somewhat nervous about this.

Also getting the grant for the hut move is a big relief and I hope this project is a legacy we can leave for the town and future generations will be able to learn more about our military history. It’s unfortunate that we don’t get a lot of support from the shire, we always seem to be battling and fighting for everything, but I guess being a small fish in an ever growing ocean of this shire is something we will have to expect.

So as far as the next committee goes there are clearly projects that will continue on that we have committed to. In signing the ten year lease for the church we have committed to the building but we wouldn’t have been able to apply for the grant without it. However I am disappointed that there doesn’t seem to be much interest in the church with little participation in its upkeep so maybe this wasn’t the correct decision and we are perhaps overextending to expect to be able to maintain it. Given that, I have concerns over the hut as well and as the project unfolds, and the shire are looking to appoint us as the inaugural COM is something we will have to discuss before committing to as there will be a need to maintain the building and staff it during opening hours.

Of course, there are still many projects that can be taken on by this group, and we will probably never get to the point where we can say we have done it all. I hope that as President I have been able to make some things happen and I wish the next committee all the best as we face another year of the unknown.

Karen Christensen

Currently our group has 25 Members. We would like to boost up memberships so anybody who shares an interest in the history of our town is most welcome to join. Extra hands are always needed to assist with cataloguing, sorting and at planned events. Memberships fees remain the same.

Family $15 Single $10

Happy Birthday Wishes to one of our members Cheryl McIntosh who turned 50 on October 2nd

Di Vidal


Contact details: 57 871314


Attention, Businesses and Local groups

The Wandong History Group is putting together a pack of local information to help both new and old residents learn a little about our history and what services, businesses and groups operate in the area. If your business or group would like to be involved with this please contact the Wandong History Group via email or phone 57871314