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INCORPORATED. No. A0018739R     ABN 41 586 657 273


Assisting the communities of Beveridge, Mandalay, Wallan, Hidden Valley, Kilmore, Broadford, Clonbinane, Wandong, Heath-cote Junction, Upper Plenty to improve community safety and quality of life by proactively minimising preventable crime



MONTHLY at 7PM  usually on last Thursday of each month

Meeting dates and the venues change to allow meetings to be held throughout the Shire to bring the meetings to local communities.

The meeting dates, times, and venues are always shown on our Facebook page so everybody who has LIKED and FOLLOWED the page will automatically receive the details.

All residents are welcome and encouraged to attend.


PRESIDENT                                        David Moran
VICE PRESIDENT                             Alan Knight
Tara Duncan
ASST. SECRETARY                          Peter Gannon
TREASURER                                      Sue Maestaller
MEDIA MANAGER                           Peter Gannon
RECRUITMENT MANAGERS          Natasha Pavlicek and Julie Pritchard

Our volunteer group includes all of the Central and Southern wards of the Mitchell LGA and we serve the communities of Beveridge [the sector covered by Mitchell], Wallan, Wallara Waters, Hidden Valley, Bylands, Kilmore, Willowmavin, Broadford, Clonbinane, Wandong, Heathcote Junction, Upper Plenty, and all towns in between.


We are looking for community minded volunteers to join us and represent their community. There are various levels of membership ranging from Committee persons down to simply volunteering to help out at one of our forums or events.


Simply leave your name, contact details, and a brief message on our email and one of our members will get straight back to see how we can help and answer any questions, or telephone 0437 312085 to talk directly to a member. There is no obligation and it is 100% confidential

Look us up on facebook [ ] or search SOUTH MITCHELL NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH and click on ”LIKE” and “FOLLOW” at top of the page. That way you are notified of all new posts immediately they come to hand. Also as a Facebook member you can stay in touch with all the latest news, make posts yourself and comment on other posts. The page is fully interactive.

Neighbourhood Watch is a community based crime prevention program aimed at reducing the incidence of preventable crime and creating safer communities. As a member you will work with fellow members and police to promote crime prevention activities relating to home, personal and community safety and assist local police to encourage reporting of suspicious behaviour.

We hold information sessions, forums, Safe-PL8 security number plate screw exchange days, personal items I.D. engraving days, participate at local Shows and community days in the various communities so please keep an eye out for them.

Neighbourhood Watch really is a proactive, fun, and simply way to give back to your community. GET INVOLVED!

JUNE 2017


Motor Vehicle Damage and Theft

There are a number of ways you can prevent people tampering with your motor vehicle. Many crimes involving thefts from vehicles are crimes of opportunity. Motor vehicle damage and theft can occur easily in both residential driveways and in public spaces, such as car parks.

Theft from a motor vehicle is the state’s highest-volume crime. It is also the easiest to prevent from the victim’s perspective, by simply removing valuables from the vehicle when parked.

Every year, over 8,000 cars are stolen in Victoria. As a reminder, here are some tips to maximise vehicle safety and security:

To reduce motor vehicle theft and damage:

• Park your vehicle in your driveway or garage if possible.

• Do not leave keys in the vehicle.

• Ensure that all electronic items or valuable property are removed from sight within the vehicle, including the holders for GPS devices and mp3 players.

• If possible, do not leave items in your car boot, console or under your front seat.

• Park in a well-lit area.

• Make sure you lock all doors, and all windows are wound up.

• Consider fitting a car alarm or other security device.

• Report any suspicious incidents to police on 000.

• Fit security screws to your car’s number-plates to prevent their unlawful removal. We at South Mitchell NHW frequently hold SAFE PL8 screw exchange days throughout the Shire so watch out for them.

Remember that somebody will smash your car window to steal a few dollar coins that they can see in the console. Not only will it cost several hundred dollars to repair the broken window, you will be without your car while the work is being done. It is a lot less hassle to remove all valuables when you leave your car.

If your vehicle is stolen:

• Report the theft to police immediately, with the location and time of the incident.

• Give police the registration number, make, model and colour of the vehicle.

• Notify your insurance company immediately.

WON’T HAPPEN TO YOU? Check out the 2016 vehicle theft statistics in Mitchell Shire. Just type in area or postcode at DON’T END UP ON HERE AS A 2017 STATISTIC