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Clonbinane Rural Fire Brigade - December 2017

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

No fires- no burning off in declared fire danger period.

A recent fire brigade turnout was to a fire at a home where people were burning off garden debris. When fires are lit in the fire danger period it is an offence and the police will attend the scene. Some people are misguided into believing that it is OK to burn off because it is cool weather or because we have had recent rain.

Your family’s Fire Plan

Your fire plan must include the planned decision to stay and survive or leave early and survive. Remember that not all fire conditions give you are good chance of survival if you decide to stay. Forecasted Code Red Fire Danger is fire weather that our homes are not designed or constructed to withstand in a fire.

A late decision to leave is a dangerous option. Smoke blanketed roads, blocked roads due to trees, emergency vehicles or even a wind change that will change the direction of the fire may stop you dead in your tracks. To stay and survive each family member will require their own personal protection in the way of an appropriate full covering of clothing. This ideally includes cotton coveralls, leather rigger gloves, goggles, disposable dust mask (P2 type), and a hat and leather boots with 300 degree heat resistant soles. Remember to cover all exposed skin to protect against killer radiant heat.

State Forests and National Parks are closed on Code Red Fire Danger Days

Many of Victoria's parks and forests are bushfire prone areas. While they are great places to enjoy, during some weather conditions they are not safe places to be. Victoria has adopted the national system of Fire Danger Ratings. On days of forecast Code Red Fire Danger Rating, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and Parks Victoria will close parks and forests (including state forests and national parks) in the relevant weather district for public safety.

Please contact the brigade if you require any bushfire survival information or check out the CFA website Visit Clonbinane CFA on Facebook.

All the best for a safe Christmas and New Year. Take your time on the roads, no need to rush. Concentrate; give your Christmas journey your full attention. - Ross Hibbert- Captain