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Clonbinane Rural Fire Brigade - July 2019

Safe Driving

Our district roads are particularly dangerous now with frosty mornings more likely and cold nights bring black ice to the roads. Wildlife crossing especially roos and deer are the hazards of country living and driving. We have had an extraordinary dry summer and autumn and there is little feed in the paddocks or the bush. The wildlife and ferals are on the move! Particularly dangerous spots are Saunders Road and Spur Road between the creek and Ryans Road. Not only does hitting a roo or wombat damage your car, it puts you at risk of being seriously injured. Not to mention the suffering the animals receive. The only way to reduce the risk is to reduce your speed in these areas. After sunset a speed of 60 KPH is recommended and gives you the stopping distance that you might require. Brake heavily if you are approaching an animal on the road, do not try to swerve as the risk of loss of control has a higher consequence.

The use of cruise control in wet conditions is dangerous. A particularly dangerous spot is on the Hume Freeway between Clonbinane and Wandong. We receive many reports of cars rolled or off the road because the car has lost traction whilst the cruise control is engaged in wet or icy conditions. By the time the driver reacts to deactivate the cruise control or brake, it is too late.

Emergency in the Home

Did you realise that most cordless phones do not work when the power is off?

An electrical fault causing a fire or any fire in the home is likely to cause power blackout. Imagine at night trying to find your old phone set to plug in to call 000 whilst the house is full of smoke or even flames? Remember you maybe in an area where your mobile phone does not have reliable coverage, especially in storms. Keep your mobile phone in a familiar place.

Please contact the brigade if you require any information or check out the CFA website

The brigade normally meets for training each Sunday at 10am at the Ryans road fire station.

Cheers and drive safely

John Mahoney- Captain