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Clonbinane Rural Fire Brigade - September 2018



As the warmer months approach, brigade members step up their training in anticipation of the fire season ahead. Due to drought conditions throughout Australia our brigade may also be active in strike teams fighting fires further from home and even interstate. Give us a wave if you see us drive past on a Sunday morning or at training sessions held mid-week evenings.

Fire Safety and Design for Building a New Home

Fire safety is just one aspect of good house design. If you want to manage your bushfire risk or reduce your chance of experiencing a house fire, there are many steps you can take when designing and building your home. Where you site your home on your property, the type of house you build, the materials you use and the way you prepare your garden can all influence the success of defending your home during a bushfire.

If you are building in an area with a bushfire risk, your property may be subjected to a Wildfire Management Overlay (WMO). Your council's planning scheme has identified areas where the likeli-hood and consequence of a bushfire is severe and it is these areas that are subject to the provisions of the WMO. Your self-assessment may need to be supported by a Wildfire Development Plan or a planning report as part of your permit application. CFA engages in Land Use Planning to support its objective of improving community safety in wildfires. CFA is a Referral Authority in all municipal planning schemes for subdivisions that create roads and for areas that are subject to a WMO.

There are also steps you can take to reduce your risk of experiencing a house fire, including:

  • Installation of hard wired in smoke alarms – this is now required by legislation in all new homes prior to occupancy.
  • Installation of Safety switches in all new homes; - these play a valuable role in fire safety by reducing the risk of faulty electrical equipment leading to a house fire.

Check the type of smoke alarm installed, if it is an ionisation type which has a radiation symbol, replace it with a photo-electric type smoke alarm that has a 10 year life.


For further information on making your home safe from bushfire and house fire, go to the CFA

Please contact the brigade if you require any local fire safety information.

Cheers and drive safely

Ross Hibbert- Captain