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Clonbinane Rural Fire Brigade - November 2018


Lightning Strikes

Be vigilant at this time of the year for lightning strikes. Not only do they start grass and scrub fires but they can also start a structure or house fire. If you believe your home has been hit then check all compliances for damage near the socket. Check your TVs telephone equipment, modems etc . It is best to remove TV aerials and modems from their sockets if you are experiencing a thunderstorm. Also remember to get off the landline phone; you may get an extremely large noise or a lethal zap of electricity to make your hair curl during electrical storms.

Plan your property for the summer fire season now. Clear gutters and provide a safe haven around your home. Recheck your gutters each month. Remove debris and firewood piles away from your house. Maintain your lawnmower, brush cutter, and chainsaw before use to ensure that they are not the cause of a fire starting in dry grass.

All the best with the mowing. 

Ross Hibbert- Captain