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Clonbinane Rural Fire Brigade - August 2018

 Ladder Safety at Home

Falls from ladders are an extremely common cause of serious injury at home. It is the biggest cause of serious injuries at home to men; the following information is a guide to safe use of ladders-

  • Ladders should be inspected and maintained before use.
  • If you consider the job risky then consult a professional or consider the use of a mobile scaffold orelevated work platform.
  • Always check for overhead powerlines before attempting to set up a ladder.
  • Do not use a ladder in a doorway or driveway unless the area has been blocked off to access.
  • Clear any obstructions from the base or the top of the ladder.
  • Ensure that the ladder is set up on a firm surface and placed at a safe angle.
  • Secure either the base or top of the ladder to prevent it from moving. Consider getting someone tohold the base of the ladder.
  • Always maintain three points of contact with the ladder i.e. two feet and one hand or two hands andone foot.
  • Face the ladder when climbing up or down.
  • Use the ladder runs to grip the ladder and not the sides of the ladder.
  • Do not over stretch when using the ladder.
  • Avoid climbing or descending the ladder whilst carrying anything in your hands.
  • Keep your feet free from grease or other slippery material.
  • Do not stand higher than the tread or run indicated on the ladder as the highest standing level.
  • A ladder used for access to a roof must extend at least one metre above the level where a person exitsthe ladder.
  • Use a ladder for what it was designed for. They are not to be used as a support for work platforms suchas planks.

 A photo from the early 1960s with workers putting the final touches to a second story extension in Balwyn. All the safety rules were broken with this one!

Please contact the brigade if you require any information or check out the CFA website

Cheers and drive safely

Ross Hibbert- Captain