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PO Box 550 Kilmore 3764

President: Mavis Wilcox   

                                                         Vice President: Norma Newman   

                                                         Secretary: Mark Perrott   0436331395


After an On Again Off Again Year, we at U3A are On Again. It caused a little angst for some to have to prove vaccination status when classes resumed, but it only needed to be done once and then members could simply continue to use the QR Code to check in. Yes, it does seem like a lot of fuss, but this virus is not done with us just yet, as the statistics show but they also show that Vaccination helps keep the numbers down. U3A has followed the State directive of, No Vax, No Entry. As all of us are over fifty years of age and some well in their eighties, this is a necessary precaution.

Many groups are planning their Christmas parties and are opting to use the U3A Centre where we can guarantee that all folk are fully vaccinated. Hopefully by this time next year, numbers for parties won’t be restricted and we can sit back and allow someone else to cater for us. That said, just being together is most enjoyable. Sure beats looking at four walls as I have done for a lot of the last two years.

For you gardeners out there, I am sure your gardens give you much pleasure. I was lucky to visit my daughter in Lilydale last weekend and her garden is showing the result of lots of tender loving care. It is a totally Australian Native Plants garden and it was a joy to wander through the prolific colour it was displaying. I left behind a large Native Plant Garden when I moved to Kilmore and I do miss it. Our garden Group in U3A Kilmore has been disappointed that some of their garden visits have had to be cancelled and the Dining Out group have missed the luxury of visits to restaurants ,but all that will change and life will return to normal soon. Christmas is around the corner and as always the Christmas message brings us Joy and Hope. Perhaps more so this year than for a while.

Our Art Group under the direction of Robyn and a special tutor, continue to use a different venue, but are now pleased to fit in an extra time for painting by accessing the U3A Centre to work on their paintings on a separate day. One class has closed because numbers of participants had made it not worthwhile but most have continued through our off again/ on again year. Exercise groups using Shire halls have had to wear masks which made life so difficult and so numbers participating dropped but now the weather is improving perhaps doors can be opened increasing airflow and making these activities easier.

Planning is already under way for next year’s courses and if any reader feels they would like to offer a course. Please do not hesitate to contact our secretary. You will be given lots of support and we are a very friendly group who enjoy learning new things. We would be really interested if someone could offer some Skills in using smart phones or computers. I don’t believe I am stupid, but it took me an hour and a half to load my vaccination tick on my phone. And that was with a helper telling me what to do over the phone. I didn’t know where to go when he told me to find safari until he said it looks like a compass. Oh Dear! And I have it on good authority that there are lots like me who need help from time to time!

Enrolments will take place in January so we need to hear from you as soon as possible if you are interested in running a class It might be Fly Tying for Surf or Trout fishermen, Or Floral Arranging, or Understanding Shakespeare, or Enjoying Classical Music which could include excursions to concerts after a few lesson on a selected composer. How about joining us at U3A Kilmore and District. You will be ensured of a warm welcome.

Dawn Barr