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PO Box 550 Kilmore 3764

President: Mavis Wilcox   

                                                         Vice President: Norma Newman   

                                                         Secretary: Mark Perrott   0436331395


Covid restrictions have placed limitations on classes at U3A Kilmore including Yoga. But one thing about yoga is that once you have learnt the moves, you can practise it alone at home, in your lounge room, your garden or even in a public park as it is exercise.

U3A Kilmore and district has a very popular Yoga class led by Eva Bower.

Eva has been practising Yoga for over 15 years, four of which were spent studying to become an accredited Hatha Yoga teacher with the Australian Yoga Masters Association of which Swami Sarasvati is Principal. Some of you may remember Swami from her 1960’s TV yoga programs.

She is also an accredited Yin Yoga teacher, having spent the awful year of 2020 studying this gentle, slow, relaxing form of yoga.

After gaining her Teaching Diploma, she conducted classes at various venues in the Kilmore district, as well as teaching in a corporate gym in Melbourne. She provides a safe supportive environment for people who wish to try yoga for the first time, as well as an opportunity for those who want to challenge themselves, to do so safely.

She has provided yoga classes for Kilmore U3A members for at least four years, possibly five and is proud of the fact that she has not killed anyone yet!

Participants concentrate on stretching and relaxing tense muscles which can lead to medical issues such as headaches, hip, neck and shoulder problems, etc. And Eva believes in making class as much fun as possible – laughter is a form of yoga, too!

The word “Yoga” means unity and originates from a Sanskrit word “to yoke”. Yoga enables our consciousness to unite with the Universal consciousness.

Yoga is a very ancient form of physical, mental and spiritual practice which is just as relevant in today’s world as it was at the time of its development.

Given the immense stresses in everyone’s lives brought on by this current pandemic, Yoga is a safe way to de-stress - completely applicable today.

Yoga is a way of balancing the body, emotions and mind through the practice of various postures and breathing techniques. This practice can change a stressed, tense, body and mind into a vibrant, active and healthy unit. That’s very impressive and it’s drug-free!!!

There is no better time to start this transformation than NOW. A delay in starting means a delay in improving your mental and physical health. This is not difficult to achieve, but it does require commitment and some dedication – so, take this opportunity to help yourself to better health.

Eva’s classes are full just now but watch for enrolment day for 2022 which will be early February and if interested come along and join our friendly group.

Dawn Barr