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Wandong Rural Fire Brigade



Rail Street, (P.O. Box 306) Wandong 3758 Phone: (03) 5787 1248

TRAINING - every Sunday from 9:30am and 1st and 3rd Wednesday each month from 7.00pm 

Captain:                                          Yorin Miller

1st Lieutenant:                                Liam Edwards

2nd Lieutenant:                               Terry Roberts

3rd Lieutenant:                                Heath McSolvin

4th Lieutenant:                                Natasha Lasota

President:                                        Brian Dove

Secretary:                                        Helen McMahon

Treasurer:                                        Michelle Kendrick

Communications Officer:                 Yvette Curlis

Community Safety Coordinator       Kylie Shingles

Health and Safety Officer                Craig Davis

Chairperson                                     Sandra O'Conner


Training is held on the first and third Wednesday night of the month starting at 7pm. If you are interested in attending a training session to see if joining the Brigade is right for you, contact Lt Liam Edwards on 0424 896 824 or drop in to the station on a training night.

Fire Fighting Equipment Sales and Service

Wandong Fire Brigade is able to sell you firefighting equipment for your business, home or vehicle. We can provide you with many types and sizes of Fire extinguishers, Fire Blankets and Hose Reels. All profits generated go directly to Wandong Fire Brigade to help us maintain our equipment.

Contact Geoff McMahon on 5787 1248 for sales or service.

Community Recruitment

If you would like to join the Wandong Rural Fire Brigade please contact Terry Roberts (2nd Lieutenant) for more details or information 

CFA Burn-Off Line 1800 668 511



AUGUST 2018                              

WANDONG FIRE BRIGADE                                                                                                                                                 

You may have seen us out and about recently inspecting and assessing hydrant water points. Water is so important to our firefighting capabilities.

In an incident we are looking for a close, reliable source of water to fill our trucks once we have used our first full tank.

Water Sources Suitable water sources can be water tanks, dams, creeks, rivers, swimming pools or fire hydrants. Fire

hydrants may be millcock style, which are above ground, or ground ball hydrants, which are underground. Check out your nearest water source. If it is a dam, creek, river or swimming pool what is the best access for

a fire truck? Can you improve access so that fire trucks can fill up quicker in an emergency?

If your nearest water source is a fire hydrant it is to your benefit and your neighbours' to ensure that it is kept clear, visible and accessible at all times. You can help by 'adopting a hydrant' and:

Clearing soil, grass and shrubs from around the hydrant

Keeping vehicles clear of the hydrant

Reporting any visible faults, damage or missing markers.

Let Mitchell Shire know if you spot a fire hydrant with any of the following issues:

Missing marker posts

Faded paint on top of the marker


Missing covers

Burning Off

Mitchell Shire Council allows burning off, in town areas, on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 10am and 3pm. You must register your burn-off with the CFA Burn Off Line on 1800 668 511.

Fire Equipment Maintenance

Installing and Maintaining your Fire Suppression Equipment is required under the Building Code of Australia. Trained Wandong Fire Brigade members volunteer their time to provide this service to the Community and in turn raise funds for the Brigade to purchase equipment that protects the Community. All servicing carried out is compliant with the required Australian Standards. Our Forward Command Vehicle and FEM trailer have been provided through the work of these volunteers, and local individuals and businesses utilising this important service. If you are in need of Fire extinguishers, hose reels, fire blankets or ongoing maintenance of your equipment contact Geoff McMahon on 5787 1248 to discuss your needs.