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PO Box 550 Kilmore 3764

President: Bea Lay Ph. 5783 2944

                                                         Vice President: Paul Brinsden Ph. 5783 1940

                                                         Secretary: Wendy Matthews

MAY 2018

Hello once again from U3A Kilmore & District Inc.

I sure hope you are enjoying the lovely weather we are having. If we can‘t have rain this will do very nicely thank you.

We here at U3A are enjoying our enlarged area very much. Everyone who calls in is amazed how different things are now and it is all good.

As yet, there is still a little uncertainty about which classes will transfer to here; both Current Affairs and Planes Trains etc. are held here, it remains to be seen which others will come here.

On Friday 27th April we had 2 guest speakers at our Morning Tea. Maria McLoughlin and Felicity Lathrop are with the Health Complaints Commission and provided an interesting and informative address. The Health Complaints Commission is a recently formed entity stemming from the new Health Act of 2017. The new Act provides a wider definition of Health Service Providers; it now includes what is called ‘General‘ Providers of Health Services as well as those ‘Registered‘ Health Service Providers such as GP, optometrist, naturopath etc.

A General provider can be a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre that is not registered with the governing body right through to Joe Bloggs from down the street who sells medicinal herbs. If you have a complaint about your treatment by anyone purporting to provide you with a ‘health service‘ you now have a place to go; the Health Complaints Commission. The phone number is 1300 582 113 and they also have a web site.

A new class at U3A this year is called ‘Short Holiday Stays’ and the inaugural stay was enjoyed a fortnight ago. The 11 participants unanimously voted it as excellent. They stayed at Barham and toured around the area a little. Members are all asking when and where the next ‘Short Stay‘ will be.

That‘s all from me this month. For information about anything U3A related, please contact our membership officer on 57811728 or email

Cheers from Wendy