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PO Box 550 Kilmore 3764

President: Rupert Hussey  0402606287

                                                         Vice President: Dawn Barr  0428564674

                                                         Secretary: Mark Perrott  0436331395

MAY 2020


Kilmore U3A commenced this year with an enrolment day in late January offering twenty-six different classes. Marg Brinsden had the unenvious task of co-ordinating days and venues for a timetable to satisfy everyone. The Memorial Hall was a busy place with people trying to sort their preferences of courses and days to attend. Then end result was one hundred and seventy-eight people signed in for courses. This was an increase on the previous year’s number.

In February, members attended the Annual General Meeting. The previous President, Secretary, and Vice president were standing down. Paul Brinsden served as President for four and a half years and worked tirelessly to support all the principles of U3A and Kilmore members. He was known as the Go-to man, always ready to help and encourage members and tutors, always welcoming of new members. His practical common sense approach engendered many friendships. He has opted to stay on in the committee as the representative for Kilmore in the State U3A Network body.

Rupert Hussey accepted nomination as President, Secretary- Mark Perrot, Treasurer-Barry Lay, Vice President- Dawn Barr, Marg Brinsden as Timetabler and the committee includes Norma Newman, Cheryl Spencer, Angela Turner and Elaine de Gabrielle.

Members enjoyed meetings for one month then the Coronavirus struck and, under Government orders, classes were suspended until further notice. Word from the Network is that because of the age demographic for U3A members, we will probably be the last group to be allowed to meet when things start returning to normal.

For those who are technology savvy, life is not devoid of interest. The Current Affairs group are swapping opinions online, the Book Club are swapping reviews of books they are reading, The Writers Group exchanging stories they have written for a set topic, the Yoga group can follow exercises screened on their computers or phones. Committee set up an online meeting via Zoom which was a first time for some but worked well. Business was able to proceed in the safety of our own homes. The Theatre and Dinning out groups have been curtailed of course but we must acknowledge that it is harder for those chefs, businesses and artists who are out of work.

I have heard of numerous phone calls, members networking to be sure others do not feel isolated and this is the joy of belonging to a group like U3A. I hope that my next report will see us all back to socialising and learning together. Keep washing your hands, stay well , stay home and ring an old friend who may be lonely, spread the joy of friendship Best wishes to all readers ,

Dawn Barr.