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PO Box 550 Kilmore 3764

President: Rupert Hussey  0402606287

                                                         Vice President: Dawn Barr  0428564674

                                                         Secretary: Mark Perrott  0436331395


Reporting to U3A Members this week, our President, Rupert Hussey said, “I am personally very disappointed that I cannot advise that our classes and activities will resume currently. This ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic continues to throw up barriers preventing all our community members from resuming some normality in their lives, which along with socialising with our friends would be welcomed by all U3A members.”

“On the 28th. August the Committee of Management held a brief “Zoom meeting” to discuss the current situation re: COVID-19 and the ongoing effect it has had on our members. At that meeting it was a unanimous decision that all current financial members would not be charged a membership fee for 2021 due to the loss suffered during 2020. Naturally any new members we would welcome with open arms, but, they would be subject to the appropriate membership fee.”

“The Committee of Management held another “Zoom meeting” on the 25th. September to discuss the current status of the COVID-19 restrictions and remained hopeful that the pending announcement by our Premier to be made on Sunday 27th. September, may result in further easing of restrictions in Regional Victoria. Regrettably, this did not come to fruition therefore sadly I must report there is still no resumption of classes/activities.”

The president has been advised by Shire officials that rooms used by U3A and under Council control will not be opened to accommodate classes until restrictions are eased further. But if anyone feels they are not coping in the current COVID-19 restrictions, Mr Hussey urged urge members to seek help from your Medical practitioner or contact any of the professional services readily available through the combined Victoria Police / Mitchell Shire Council, Community Connect Resources Group, on (03) 57346200 who will connect you with the right service provider.

So we must be patient a bit longer; we must go with the flow. To quote poet Joy Brisbane from Buninyong,

“Going with the flow can take us through

Some tough experiences

But that is what going with the flow does for us.

It takes us through.”

Let us all hope that things continue to improve in the next three weeks and we can get back together again in our classes. In the meantime, some members are just enjoying being able to go for a drive and see the evidence of spring in the countryside and people’s gardens.

Keep smiling. Dawn Barr.