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PO Box 550 Kilmore 3764

President: Bea Lay Ph. 5783 2944

                                                         Vice President: Paul Brinsden Ph. 5783 1940

                                                         Secretary: Wendy Matthews



Greetings once more from U3A Kilmore & District Inc.

I guess by now you are all comfortable writing 2020 as the date? The change over to the new year’s number can take a bit of getting used to sometimes.

U3A is girding its loins preparing for the coming year’s fun.

We held our enrolment day on 17th January and it is very pleasing to report the day went off well with lots of renewing members and some very welcome new members.

To top it all off we had several new classes on offer and they have been very well received. Consequently, as well as our popular long running classes, we have new classes to add to our repertoire.

I will list some of our classes here off the top of my head; (no doubt I will miss some, for which I apologise).

Book group, exercises, trivia, History of Kilmore & Local area, playing 500 card-game,

Dog walking, How things work, several hand crafts, writing for fun, carpet bowls, current affairs, yoga yesterdays treasures, 2 lunch groups, (local & International) gardening. Bird- watching.

As you can see there is a fair variety from which to choose.

If you would like more information about any of these classes the email contact is or you can phone 5782 1335.

For general information about U3A Kilmore & District Inc. our website

I intend to provide more class news each month. Take care,

Cheers from Wendy